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Success requires grit. Meetings shouldn't.


While many tools exists to facilitate planned remote meetings, distributed teammates tend to get left out of ad hoc or impromptu meetings.

These informal meetings often generate important decisions, but it’s hard to make sure all relevant teammates are included. By the time you determine if your remote teammate is available and get them on the phone, the conversation could already be over — and you risk taking teammates out of the zone with the interruption.

Even worse, if you don’t document what was discussed, you risk losing the insight gained from the conversation.


Utilizing strategically placed Amazon Echoes, meeting organizers use natural language to determine the availability of remote team members and initiate a video chat (or even a good old fashioned phone call). All teammates indicate their availability and are notified of meeting requests via Slack. Meetings are recorded and transcribed into notes, which are pushed back into the appropriate Slack channel, so everyone is kept in the loop — whether or not they were able to join.

Effortless Communication. integrates with the tools you already use: Slack, Google Calendar, Github, and more. All you is have to do is tell our slack bot your availability, and takes care of the rest. No more wasting time scheduling, interrupting developers, and losing crucial BI to the wind. With, everyone's just a shout away, no matter where in the world they are.

Intelligently designed around the tools you love

Your secret, smart secretary

Using data from a variety of sources (including Google Calendar meetings, Slack status and even recent Github commits), applies a proprietary weighted algorithm to decide if a desired meeting participant is available, and gives you actionable information to decide whether or not they should be disturbed.

Your wish, by command

Slack is a great place to consolidate team communication, so it only makes sense for it to be where you let others know your availability and receive meeting notifications. Slash commands


/prompt mrwizard leads the user through initial set-up parameters

/prompt travelagent leads the user through modifying travel related parameters

/prompt me “Sally”
Defines the spoken name which Alexa matches to Google/Slack accounts.
(It's OK for multiple participants to have the same name, will ask for clarification)

/prompt gmthome +7 "Nairobi"
Defines user’s standard timezone and spoken name of location.

/prompt gmt +3, 5, "New York"
Set user’s traveling timezone, number of days before resetting back to default timezone, and spoken name of where they are visiting

/prompt workday 07, 12, 19
Sets start, lunch and end of user’s work day

/prompt digits 555-482-1234
Sets the user's phone number

/prompt sms [on/off]
If set, user is notified of meeting requests via SMS instead of Slack.

/prompt voice [on/off]
If set, user participates via phone instead of Hangout.


/prompt cmil
Call Me I’m Lonely. Indicates that participant is okay to be notified of meeting.

/prompt wiwo “Solving all of the world’s problems”
What I’m Working On. Indicates that participant should only be invited to a meeting if it is very important or related to the work they have indicated. Resets at beginning of next work day.

/prompt dayop
Disturb At Your Own Peril. Unless you’ve got a hot potato from the C-Suite, leave this person alone. Resets at beginning of next work day.


/prompt @username, @username, @username
Attempts to schedule a meeting with the named Slack users. Returns any requested participants that may not be available and prompts the user whether or not they should be disturbed.

/prompt end [#otherchannelname]
Ends meeting and places meeting notes in the current channel unless optional param indicates to store them in a different channel.


/prompt help
Lists all commands, params and hints

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